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Pills And Medicines For Endometriosis Treatment

Still, there is no known cure for this worst disease known as endometriosis. endometriosis Treatment is usually refers towards eliminating or reducing the signs of endometriosis. Some treatments can include surgical procedures and different medications. This depends on the severity of the condition. Here you will learn about the endometriosis treatment and how it can be done by some medicines.

If you search a bit, you will find many different types of medicines, which are used to eliminate or reduce the pain, brought to you by this worst disease. NSAIDs can be the first medication. Those women who always think and make some plans to get pregnant normally take NSAID’s. Women can also take the birth control pills as the endometriosis treatment because this can reduce and control the pain, which is caused by the endometriosis.


But these pills are only recommended for those women, who have past their reproductive years, or this can be also used by those ladies, who do not want to get pregnant. It is recommended to take these birth control pills continuously for 7 days. This thing can result the total suppression of menstrual cycle. The accurate and exact action of these birth control pills can be understood completely. But the thing is true that these birth control pills can really shrink and minimize the size of implants and can really prevent its proliferation. This can be one good endometriosis treatment.

Another medicine, which is used to decrease and reduce testosterone levels in women is DANZOL, it also effectively reduce and decrease the estrogen levels in women. But keep it in your mind that this medication can only treat the symptoms of endometriosis, it cannot be said that this is the endometriosis Treatment. It also halts the menstrual cycle, and it puts the body in a state akin to menopause.

During the sexual intercourse and bowel elimination, this medicine can really help in decreasing the pain. Keep this thing in mind that if you stop using this medicines, the symptoms will start again. This risk can really increase the risk of ovarian cancer, because of this it is not prescribed normally.

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